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NBA (National Basketball Association) is a league which played in North America, Consisting of man 30 teams from the USA and one Canada. It is one of the most popular sports in Canada and America. First, it introduced with the name Basketball Association of America, and on August 3, 1949, its name changed into the National Basketball Association.

Sport LeagueBasketball (NBA)
Established June 6, 1946
Total Teams30
Countries USA & Canada
Toronto Raptors (TR)
Most titles Celtics

You will see there season from October to April, and each team of this league had to play 82 games. Players of the NBA are the highest-paid player in the USA as compared to other sports. This game is becoming popular day by day. I remember the last final of this league which was so exciting. Every team have its fan following, but I love Lakers because of its great player.

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Media coverage ( TV partner)

You can watch easily NBA live streaming in this channel because they have purchased copyrights of National Basketball Association.


Top 8 teams take part in NBA Playoffs which begin in April. I will tell you how to buy a ticket for Nba and what amount you have to give for it. Ticket price range from 20$ to 4000$ depending on the location of your seat and the match. NBA begins with 11 Team now there are 30 teams 20 teams from the USA and one team from Canada. There are two main groups with further three divisions with five teams participating in it. Now it is changed thirteen teams are in the Eastern Time, three in the Mountain, nine in the Central and five in the Pacific.

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